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Correspondent/Secretary's Message

RBVRR college of Education is started with the vision of making ideal teachers. It is very important to ensure that the teaching has a strong professional and leadership qualities. Our college endeavors to maintain high standards in teaching, friendly environment to provide quality education. We apply new techniques and innovative methods in teaching.

Our college is one of the popular colleges in Satavahana region making our student as excellent teaching professionals. Our vision is to provide efficient lecturers who can teach subjects with new techniques, through the student will understand in a simple manner. A good teacher is a good learner, a good teacher inspires and ignites his students.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to one of the best teacher educational institution in Telangana under the Satavahana University Karimnagar. As upcoming teachers choosing the best educational institute with well infrastructure and efficient lecturers for your bright future is a most significant decision you will make.

We, RBVRR College of Education running only 2 years teacher education course at present. To ensure global opportunities through excellent educational methods and techniques to each and every student with life skills and moral values. The college campus is well infrastructure and fully equipped with computers and library. The college has a lush green and peaceful environment.

We and our eminent teacher educators committed to make our trainee teachers as global educational learners. To ensure them to grab global opportunities in the field of Education. I am truly inspired by possibilities that lay before our institution this year and the years to come.

It is my invitation to join us as we groom teacher students for the future.

Chairmen Message
Pingili Ravinder Reddy
Secretary and Correspondent
Phone No.9440406633